Smoked Catfish in Electric Smoker Recipe – How We Do It

When it comes to choosing electric smokers then you have a whole home work to yourself. It is not an easy thing to come up with the decision of which type of a smoker to buy, you might even end up buying a commercial electric smokerin such confusion. However Smoked catfish in electric smoker recipe will need keen observation as you prepare to smoke the cat fish. First you will need a clean fish and a cooker smoker of any size depending on the amount of cat fish you want to prepare. You will need to cut the fish into small pieces before placing in into the electric or gas smoker.

Wash the fish thoroughly after cutting it by passing it through cold water then leave it a side to dry. This is the same formula to use when coming up with meat for bbq electric smoker. Use sugar or honey and mix it with salt. Season the fish with it and give it time for the content to settle in. put the seasoned fish in a plate or a dish and put it in the refrigerator for a period of two to five hours. This is a whole process you can do it in the morning and remove it at lunch hour when you are back home for lunch. After the four or five hours remove the pieces from the fridge and spice them up with black paper.

Inside every electric smoker there is a cooling rack. Place the content on it and put it aside for another hour for them to be moistened to reduce the rate of over drying while inside the smoker. When all this is done, you can set up your smoker ready to use. Best smokers will sometimes come with wood boxes so that when power fails the smoker can use wood to smoker food. Remove the wood box and seal it with small pieces of wood and return it to its position.

Place the fish pieces on the racks inside the smoker and shut the door of the smoker. Plug it and switch it on. This will take two to three hours to prepare but you do not have to sit there and wait to turn the fish because there will be even distribution of heat that makes the fish to smoke evenly. You can use the different electric smoker ratings which are marked high low medium to regulate the heat.

You can use the electric meat smoker to prepare meat and fish because to can be controlled into the right temperature you need. All you need to do I ensure that the smoker you are buying comes with an extension cable In that in case the socket is far from the space you want to place it in the kitchen you can use an extension cable to plug it. The cable can also help in moving around the smoker to different directions depending on the ventilation of the room. You can place it in an area where the smoke cannot be trapped in the room.

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