Review: Outdoor Leisure “Smoke Hollow” Electric Smoker (Model 30168E)

The Outdoor Leisure 30168E Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker was specifically designed to give you a great outdoor cooking experience. Whether its meat, seafood, or vegetables that you want to work your magic on, this smoker promises to make your job easy and your smoked dishes tasty.

Outdoor Leisure 30168E Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

This painted-steel wood-chip box comes with a porcelain-coated steel water pan. There are 2 cooking grids inside and 2 side handles outside for easy portability. This smoker also has 3 temperature settings to help you achieve just the right conditions to create that perfect smoked dish.

Outdoor Leisure Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker Features

  • Magnetic door-latching system
  • 2 side handles for easy transport
  • Easy to assemble
  • 2 cooking grids
  • 3 temperature adjustment levels
  • Detachable controller with 5-inch cord
  • High-temperature painted steel wood chip box

The Reviews

So far, the Outdoor Leisure 30168E electric smoker has only garnered 6 customer reviews on All of the reviews are positive with users giving the product either 4 or 5 out of 5 stars.

Satisfied consumers had the following things to say about the Outdoor Leisure 30168E Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker:

  • Great flavor – So far, Amazon reviewers are happy with the end result of their smoked dishes. The foods retained their natural flavors while at the same time having a nice “smoked” taste.
  • Stable temperature – Users also have no complaints about the smoker when it comes to temperature. The unit seems to be able to achieve the desired temperature within a reasonable amount of time and it remains stable throughout the entire cooking process.
  • Good insulation – Amazon consumers were also delighted to report that the smoker still works fairly well even during cold weather. Even in the winter, this unit has no trouble achieving and maintaining ideal cooking temperatures.
  • Solid construction – Reviewers also appreciate that the smoker is solidly built. It looks and feels durable enough to give long years of service.
  • Easy to Assemble – Amazon customers were pleased that this electric smoker was easy to set up. Instructions were included with the product and it didn’t take long to finish assembly.
  • Easy to Move Around – Although it has a solid and sturdy construction, this outdoor electric smoker is not difficult to move around at all. It especially has 2 side handles to make it easy for you to carry when you need to store your smoker or move it out of the way.

With only 6 reviews on to date, we are not yet able to fairly gauge this product in terms of quality and performance. It’s interesting to note though that all the customer feedbacks have been positive so far and the reviewers seem to have a sincere appreciation for this smoker.

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We have yet to see if this product can keep up its winning streak in terms of customer feedback. But so far, so good—Amazon users are happy with its simple and convenient design, great performance, and good insulation.  It definitely sounds like a product that can give good value for your money.

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