Review: Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker

The Bradley Digital 4-rack smoker aims to make your cooking easier with its nifty features such as full digital control for time, temperature, and smoke. There is also adequate space for your foods with its 4 generously-sized racks. This smoker can also give you up to 8 hours of controlled cool smoke.

Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker

This unit offers both hot and cold methods. Its exterior is made of powder epoxy steel while the interior is made of polished stainless steel. Since this smoker uses bisquettes, it doesn’t burn down to ash and the smoke emitted is clean—no unpleasant aftertaste is left in your food. You only get to enjoy natural flavors and that wonderful “smoked” taste.

Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker Features

  • 2,288-cubic-inch interior
  • 4 adjustable racks
  • 500-watt cooking element and 125-watt smoking element
  • Maximum temperature of 280 degrees
  • Includes a rectangular tray, a drip bowl, and a recipe booklet
  • Solidly built but light enough to move around
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty

The Reviews

So far, there are only 26 reviews of this product on retail site Out of these customer reviews, 20 gave excellent ratings while only 6 gave ratings below 4 out of 5 stars.

Among negative reviews, here are what unsatisfied customers had to say:

  • Underpowered – Some reviewers complain that their units are underpowered. It seems to take a long time for their smokers to reach the desired temperature.
  • Not satisfied with final food flavor – There are also Amazon users who aren’t very impressed with the kind of cooking this outdoor smoker can do. They claim that the final cooked product doesn’t quite have that strong “smoked” flavor that they look for.
  • Faulty heater – A few consumers reported that their heater either didn’t work properly or stopped working altogether after a few uses.

Positive reviews were plenty and some praises for this product include the following:

  • Easy to Assemble – Most users were happy to report that this smoker was quick and easy to assemble. You can have the unit up and running in less than an hour from the time you pull the parts out of the package.
  • Easy to Use – As with most Bradley products, this unit is user-friendly. This model is even more intuitive with its digital controls. Just set the controls at your desired settings and you can leave your food to cook while you do something else.
  • Food tastes great – Contrary to what a few reviewers are saying, there are a lot of Amazon users who have enjoyed cooking with this Bradley smoker, claiming that the finished product always looks and tastes good.
  • Excellent Customer Service – As always, Amazon users praised Bradley for great customer service. Telephone agents are always helpful and efficient, and delivery for replacement products is always prompt.

With only 26 reviews to date, it’s quite difficult to make any solid conclusions on the reliability and the quality of this model. It’s interesting to note though that there are significantly more positive reviews than negative ones—as is the usual trend with Bradley products.

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Bradley seems to be a great company that makes quality products and it’s no surprise if this digital smoker will keep gaining more fans than critics in the future.

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